OFFS for children in Croatia

OFFS for children in Croatia
Happy Croatian children

The focus of the Open Fun Football School-program (OFFS) in Croatia is on the former conflict areas, particularly in East and West Slavonia and Krajina, which are still struggling to heal scars of conflict. CCPA is furthermore having a strong focus of using the Open Fun Football Schools to promote healthy life style and girls’ football in cooperation with the national Football Association, HNS, and private donors. 

Bringing children in Croatia of different ethnic groups together

Croatia is located in the central Balkans in Southern/Central Europe. The country was a federal unit in the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but became independent following the collapse of the federation in 1992. 

From 1991 until 1995 Croatia was involved in the so-called War of Independence, when Croatia fought to maintain sovereignty over its territories from Serb separatists in the rebel entity known as the Republic of Serbian Krajina who, backed by the government of Serbia, sought to unify their claimed territories into a common state with Serbia. The war killed up to 23,000 people

Through the Open Fun Football Schools program, Cross Cultures is focusing on bringing children in Croatia of different ethnic  groups together promoting peace and reconciliation. 

Strategy meeting with the children at the OFFS in Croatia

Reports from the OFFS in Croatia

Latest news from OFFS in Croatia

Facts about Croatia

Total population: 4,464,844 (July 2015 est.)

Share of children and youth under 25: 26.34%

Youth unemployment: 45.9% (2015)

Share of women in the labour market: 45.7%

Refugee population: 710 people (2015)   

Football players (registered/unregistered): 109,799/252,715

Female players: 1,418

Clubs: 1,464

Clubs with women’s teams: 31

Our work in the country 1998-2016

First year CCPA worked in the country: 2003

Main focus areas: Reconciliation, peace building, gender equality

Sponsors: UEFA

Football clubs established: 214

Children involved: 41,836

Football Festivals: 183

Children attended: 30,282

Results 2015

Open Fun Football Schools conducted: 8

Children attended Open Fun Football Schools: 1,470 

Volunteers involved: 619

Volunteers educated: -

Parents involved: 411

Parents’ workshops conducted: 12

Fun Festivals conducted: -

Children attended Fun Festivals: -

Number of municipalities Cross Cultures is present in: 8

Local schools involved: 8

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