OFFS for children in FYR Macedonia

OFFS for children in FYR Macedonia
Happy children playing football at the schools in FYR Macedonia

The Open Fun Football Schools has amongst others been funded by UEFA to use the promotion of grassroots football as vehicle to stimulate social cohesion and peaceful co-existence in FYR Macedonia.

CCPA-Open Fun Football Schools in FYR Macedonia has a vision to serve as an integrator of all the institutions and organisations that work with children. We want reach this goal through mutual cooperation and with activity and education that follow our brand, which is recognized by its basic principles of multi-ethnicity, gender equality, sport for all, social dimension and the fun concept.

Promoting positive values for Macedonian children

Correspondingly Cross Cultures' Open Fun Football Schools in FYR Macedonia wants to use the Open Fun Football Schools activities for the promotion of a wide variety of different positive values, such as: healthy life style, safe and healthy environment, improvement of the sport lifestyle and supporter behaviour, etc. -considering the plans and programs of our donors. FYR Macedonia is located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southern/Central Europe.

The country was a federal unit in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but became independent following the collapse of the federation in 1991. More than 60% of the population is of Macedonian ethnicity, while larger minorities are comprised of Albanians, Turks, Romas and Serbs.

Bringing together children in FYR Macedonia of all ethnicity

FYR Macedonia remained at peace through the Yugoslav wars of the early 1990s. A few very minor changes to its border with Yugoslavia were agreed upon to resolve problems with the demarcation line between the two countries. However, it was seriously destabilised by the Kosovo War in 1999, when an estimated 360,000 ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo took refuge in the country

Although they departed shortly after the war, Albanian nationalists on both sides of the border took up arms soon after in pursuit of autonomy or independence for the Albanian-populated areas of Macedonia. Cross Cultures' Open Fun Football Schools program is focusing on bringing together children in FYR Macedonia of all ethnicity in order to bring peace and reconciliation to the area. 

Reports from OFFS in FYR Macedonia

Latest news from OFFS in FYR Macedonia

Facts about FYR Macedonia

Total population: 2,096,015 (July 2015 est.)

Share of children and youth under 25: 31.36%

Youth unemployment: 50.8% (2015)

Share of women in the labour market: 39.4%

Refugee population: 828 people (2015)

Football players (registered/unregistered): 22,896/71,000

Female players: 570

Clubs: 472

Clubs with women’s teams: 14

Our work in the country 1998-2016

First year CCPA worked in the country: 2000

Main focus areas: -

Sponsors: - 

Football clubs established: 277 

Children involved: 54,109

Football Festivals: 352

Children attended: 46,280

Results 2015

Open Fun Football Schools conducted: 11

Children attended Open Fun Football Schools: 2,026

Volunteers involved: 263

Volunteers educated: -

Parents involved: 238

Parents’ workshops conducted: 7

Fun Festivals conducted: - 

Children attended Fun Festivals: -

Number of municipalities Cross Cultures is present in: 11

Local schools involved: 52

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