OFFS for children in Georgia

OFFS for children in Georgia
Children having fun at the OFFS in Georgia

One of the most important goals achieved by the OFFS program in Georgia is the successful organization of Street Sport events and the follow-up activity, which includes children from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Cross Cultures managed to solve, maybe on the local scale so far, a very important matter - the living and training together of the OFFS instructors, leaders and trainers from Armenia and Azerbaijan on the territory of Georgia during the OFFS seminars. 

Children and girl's participation

The Open Fun Football Schools program (OFFS) implementation gave an impetus to the development of the female kind of sports in our countries, where the female participation in sports is still considered to be a problematic one. Beginning from 2003 up to 2009, the percentage of the girls' participation in the OFFS operation increased from 13 up to 30%. This is a good evidence of the fact that our girls are gradually occupying a proper place in the big sport family.

War impacted sports for children and adults

War impacted sports for children and adults
Fun at soccer practice for the children in Georgia

Georgia is a country located in the South Caucasus. After declaring independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, war erupted in the two Georgian provinces Abkhazia and South Ossetia over autonomy issues. The war lasted until 1995. Roughly 230,000 to 250,000 Georgians were massacred or expelled from Abkhazia by Abkhaz separatists and North Caucasian volunteers (including Chechens) in 1992–1993. Around 23,000 Georgians fled South Ossetia as well, and many Ossetian families were forced to abandon their homes in the Borjomi region and moved to Russia.

In addition to the catastrophic human consequences, the war had a devastating impact on sport on all levels. Infrastructure, facilities, equipment were burnt, stolen or ruined. Clubs locked their premises and people simply just tried to survive. What was even worse, war drew people apart. Now former club mates and players became soldiers of three opposing armies. When the Open Fun Football Schools project came to Georgia, the project was welcome at once.

Unfortunately, the longstanding conflict between the government of Georgia and the breakaway enclaves of Abkhazia and South Ossetia escalated again in August 2008, as military confrontation broke out in South Ossetia. Russia moved military forces into Georgia territory around Gori and war broke out for five full days. The Abkhazia enclave also experienced incidents of military actions and bombings in minor scale during this period. The conflict has resulted in several waves of refugees fleeing into North Ossetia, Russia and Georgia in total amounting to around 150-200,000 people


Latest news from OFFS in Georgia

Facts about Georgia

Total population: 4,931,226 (July 2015 est.) 

Share of children and youth under 25: 31.08% 

Youth unemployment: 34.1% (2015)

Share of women in the labour market: 46.4%

Refugee population: 1,659 people (2015)   

Football players (registered/unregistered): 26,784/195,400

Female players: 390

Clubs: 209

Clubs with women’s teams: 20

Our work in the country 1998-2016

First year CCPA worked in the country: 2003

Main focus areas: Reconciliation, peace building

Sponsors: UEFA, EUFootball clubs established: 173

Children involved: 32,454

Football Festivals: 298

Children attended: 24,410

Results 2015

Open Fun Football Schools conducted: -

Children attended Open Fun Football Schools: 2,304

Volunteers involved: 344

Volunteers educated: -

Parents involved: 836

Parents’ workshops conducted: 35

Fun Festivals conducted: -

Children attended Fun Festivals: -

Number of municipalities Cross Cultures is present in: 12

Local schools involved: 66

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