OFFS for children in Jordan

OFFS for children in Jordan
Children playing football at the Zaa'tari Refugee Camp in Jordan

The overall goal of the project “Dialogue for Peace” carried out by Streetfootballworld, Asian Football Development Project (AFDP) and Cross Cultures is to mobilize Syrian and Jordanian youth in host communities and refugee camps through football programs that focus on addressing issues in conflict and post-conflict environments. 

The project will contribute to the building of peaceful relations between Jordan host communities and refugee families through network and community building activities. The project targets refugees in their difficult daily environment and aims to decrease conflict risks between refugees and their Jordanian hosts. 

Targetin Syrian refugees and their children

The project aims at training Syrian and Jordanian volunteers, who will be able to further use and teach the methodology, acting as multipliers and contributing to local dialogue between people. The project will target Syrian refugees and their children living in Jordanian host families or in refugee camps and Jordanian young people from the host communities mainly in the northern region of Jordan.

A generation of lost children

Jordan is an Arab kingdom located in the Middle East neighbouring Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. The country is among the most peaceful and stable countries in the region, but has accepted a large number of refugees from its conflict-ridden neighbours. Of 9.5 million people in 2015, 2.9 million were non-citizens, many of these refugees from war and some of which were illegal immigrants. 

Since 2010, over 1.4 million Syrian refugees have fled to Jordan to escape the violence in Syria. Approximately 80 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas in the north of Jordan, while the remaining 20 percent live in the Za’atari, Marjeeb al-Fahood, Cyber City and Al-Azraq camps (source: EU). According to Save the Children, refugee children are at risk of becoming a lost generation. 

Reports from the OFFS in Jordan

Latest news from OFFS in Jordan

Latest news from OFFS in Jordan
Article in Danish, Tipsbladet, 2006

Facts about Syria

Total population: 8,117,564 (July 2015 est.)

Share of children and youth under 25: 55.67%

Youth unemployment: 28.8% (2015)

Share of women in the labour market: 18.4%

Refugee population: 1,4,000,000 people (2015) (incl. unregistered refugees)

Football players (registered/unregistered): 4,941/116,250

Female players: 138

Clubs: 102

Clubs with women’s teams: 7

Our work in the country 1998-2016

First year CCPA worked in the country: 2015

Main focus areas: Refugees

Sponsors: Asian Football Development (AFDP)/Streetfootballworld

Football clubs established: 20

Children involved: 3,737

Football Festivals: 36

Children attended: 2,180

Results 2015

Open Fun Football Schools conducted: 4

Children attended Open Fun Football Schools: 750

Volunteers involved: 191

Volunteers educated: -

Parents involved: -

Parents’ workshops conducted: -

Fun Festivals conducted: -

Children attended Fun Festivals: - 

Number of municipalities Cross Cultures is present in: 

Local schools involved: -

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