Become a charity volunteer

Cross Cultures is a Danish based NGO. We use our Open Fun Football School program to reconcile people in war and conflict affected communities and regions.  

Participate in charity volunteer activities

You can help our charity for children exposed to war and conflict by becoming a volunteer in the local or regional communities. Our charity works is based on actively involving parents, schools and the surrounding communities, and bring together people of different ethnicity, religion and social background in a peace building and reconciliation process. 

Charity volunteers make a difference

Cross Cultures performed football school activities in ? countries in 2015. 95,121 children participated in our Open Fun Football School program or the related activities, and 4,000 volunteers were active as leaders or coaches. The communities benefit from our charity work on a long-term basis, when the bedrock of solidarity and union has been established.

Personal benefits of volunteering

Being a volunteer will bring you together with other teachers, leaders and trainers from different ethnic and social backgrounds to work together. You receive leader education on a high level using our specific pedagogical “fun football concept”. You will gain insight into establishment of bottom-up civil society work and the basic principle of “sport-for-all”. These are all competencies that you can use in your future work and career. 

To become a volunteer, please contact the local office in your region here.

Cross Cultures’ charity volunteer activities in 2015

  • 3,920 voluntary coaches and coach assistants were enrolled in the Open Fun Football Schools program
  • 1,008 voluntary club-officials participated in the Iraq program
  • Seminars and workshops were conducted for 3,266 people
  • 4,567 parents participated in workshops and meetings 

To become a volunteer, please contact the local office in your region here.

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