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A comprehensive listing of Cross Cultures reports and publications from 2002 - present, including resources for donors, partners, journalists and policy makers about our work with the Open Fun Football Schools in war and conflict zones.

Cross Cultures is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to promoting football school charity events for children in conflict and war torn communities. As of 2016, Cross Cultures has implemented our Open Fun Football School charity events for children in Asia and Europe.

NGO library resources

You can find our latest NGO news and press releases about Cross Cultures’ Open Fun Football Schools.

In our NGO annual reports from the past years, you can read more about all of our activities in specific countries and regions. 

Our NGO news photo gallery will show you images from a variety of Cross Cultures’ projects worldwide. 

Read our Cross Cultures NGO News Blog here.

The Open Fun Football Schools is our base activity and related activities include juvenile crime prevention, live skill training, self-organization, refugee and IDP integration, anti-radicalisation and youth participation in active citizenship and grassroots democracy. 

Our activities have involved more than 950,000 children, 52,000 parents and 79,000 local volunteers. Currently, the charity program is active in the following countries

Cross Cultures NGO Annual report and other resources

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