CCPA OFFS Sarajevo

31. august 2016
The last week of August begins, the beginning of a school year in Bosnia, but OFFS activities do not stop. After the completion of education and participation of leaders and coaches in Seminar organized by office Sarajevo in Tesli?, and in two regional seminars in Kosovo and Srbija, schools have started in Bosnia and Herzegovina . National Seminar in Teslic is organized according to agreed seminar plan. Next to the successful theoretical and practical Seminar segments, we also implemented workshops that brought new ideas and initiatives. Leaders and coaches from BH that participated Regional seminars also actively participated seminar agendas.

Since first August week, eight Open Fun Football Schools are organized :

 1. Petrovo - Gra?anica
 2. Orašje - Šamac;
 3. Maglaj -Doboj - Tesli? 
 4. Zenica - Nemila 
 5. Tuzla - Banovi?
 6.Konjic - Glavati?evo - Buturovi?polje;
 7. Žep?e - Zavidovi?i ;
 8. Hadži?i - Pazari? - Tar?

This week school Ilidža - Doglodi is implemented, while tenth OFFS will be held in Doboj Kakanj, later this year.
All the Open Fun Football Schools were outstanding, continuously showing the relevance of open , fun and inclusive events for children in all communities.

As each area and community is different, so is each OFFS. Specifics range from some schools having majority of girls participanst, to those who include only primary schools teachers as coaches and children non-club members , to those implemented on pitches that have been only rebuilt now - two years after devastating floods.
By initiative of CCPA Copenhagen and CCPA OFFS Sarajevo, we are preparing the implementation of two border schools.

In cooperation with network of leaders and coaches and national offices, we plan to implement OFFS Bratunac - Ljubovija ( BiH - Srbija) and Novi Grad - Kostajnica - Hrvatska Kostajnica ( BiH - HR).Border schools are a special chategory of schools, where at least two local communities meet and cooperate, but coming from different countries.

Other than the OFFS dedicated goals, these schools have an added value - connecting children and coaches from two countries, creating platform for future , international sport and other cooperation and providing children a chance to travel to another country. This year, CCPA will organize few of these border schools across Balkan.

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