Life skill training in the Middle East sponsored by FC Barcelona

Cross Cultures work with FC Barcelona's charity program, FutbolNet, which uses soccer as a tool to promote life skill training principles of mutual respect and understanding among young people.

FC Barcelona sponsors the program, while Cross Cultures carries out the implementation. FutbolNet is based on the so-called Futbol3 methodology, which uses dialogue as its basic principle. Through sports and football in particular, young people are educated on topics of gender equality, discrimination and team spirit. Using dialogue, boys and girls gain self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

The football program is aimed at children between 10 and 16 years and the Futbol3 Methodology was first applied with success in in Colombia and Germany. Cross Cultures conducts life skill training for children in Iraq and Oman. 

Gender equality in the life skill training

Girls are usually not included in sports in some of the conservative parts of the Middle East. Cross Cultures and FC Barcelona's FutbolNet has incorporated football training of girls into the life skills training project with the creation of a girls team.

Special focuses in life skill training

Cross Cultures and FC Barcelona is tailor suiting each program to the specific needs of each region and community. For instance, the projects in Iraq will focus on reducing aggressive behaviour amongst young people and improving their academic performances. In Oman, the efforts are directed on promoting team work and respect. 108,000 people benefit from the FutbolNet in 41 countries.  

Read more about the FutbolNet here

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