Cross Cultures (CCPA)

Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) was formed in February 1999 as an international politically independent, non-profit organisation that exist for the purpose of developing, participating in as well as implementing projects cutting across cultural lines, and which have as their main objective the promotion of reconciliation, social integration and civil society participation through dialogue and collaboration.

Today Cross Cultures is considered among the world leading NGO's using grassroots sport and especially the Open Fun Football School-program (OFFS) as tool in humanitarian actions to 

  • Stimulating reconciliation and co-existence – i.e. stimulate friendship and cooperation between children and adults living in communities affected by war and conflicts through playing games and sport;
  • Stimulating young people's resilience, livelihood opportunities and grassroots democracy - i.e. stimulate the formation of community sport clubs and other associations which are characterised by keywords as self-organisation, voluntarism, equality, and community engagement
  • Promoting non-discrimination and gender equality
  • Facilitating cross-sector juvenile crime prevention Sport + Schools + Police (SSP) - i.e. the formation of a cross sector crime prevention network in local communities in accordance with Scandinavian models.
Who we are
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