(Why do we exist?)

Cross Cultures exists to develop, participate in and implement projects cutting across cultural lines, and which have as their main objective the promotion of reconciliation, social integration, non-discrimination and civil society participation through dialogue and cooperation.


(Where do we want to go?)

Bringing people together

Mission Statement

Cross Cultures is firmly convinced that grassroots sport and playing games are excellent tools to bring people the are living in conflict sensitive communities to inter act together and unique tools for facilitating bridging an bonding - network, communication and collaboration.

Correspondingly Cross Cultures is building our activities with outset in our specific Fun Football concept that are characterised by keywords like dialogue; fun; deliberate games; creativity; childcentred and active learning styles; bottom up civil society; parent & community involvement; network and voluntarism.


It is our experience that it is when we bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together to exchange notions, perspectives, ideas and plans for the future new inspiration and initiatives emerge.

Thus, we consider the cross cultural learning approach and our international platform a unique strengths of our organisation because all our approaches and concepts have been developed in a bottom-up process in the "Cross Cultures Cloud" with participants from different countries and backgrounds and with the purpose to bring the best experiences together. 

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