Cross Cultures’ charity work results

In 2015, Cross Cultures carried out charity work in 17 countries in four regions. Our aid reached out to 95,121 children/direct beneficiaries through our Open Fun Football Schools, Fun Festivals and regular club activities. These activities have been delivered by a corpus of approximately 4,000 volunteers


Highlights of Cross Cultures’ charity work in 2015

  • Iraq: with funding from Sida and Operation Dagsværk, we have further developed our humanitarian aid approach to refugee camps and conflict sensitive communities in the Middle Eastern region, building on the fundamental principle of bottom-up and self-organisation. Our charity work has proved very productive and impacting on the Iraqi context.
  • Georgia: The two EU-financed Open Fun Football Schools and SSP humanitarian aid projects in Georgia have finished with positive and impacting results and experiences. The charity work achieved an overwhelming support from the local authorities on national and municipal level. The charity work programs has filled up the structural gap within the juvenile crime prevention sector by building a three-level governance structure and connecting the three networks in their daily work.
  • Tunisia:  our youth charity work program with our Tunisian partner organisation Tunisia-Sport-for-All (TSFA has used our joint activities to negotiate a substantial annual support from the Tunisian government. In 2016, Cross Cultures will assist TSFA in developing an educational department and building a corpus of 20 instructors, finance 10 open Fun Football Schools and 3 Hope24 Festivals for 6,000 young Tunisians. 

Overall charity work activities by Cross Cultures in 2015

  • 142 Open Fun Football Schools for 27,223 boys and girls
  • 251 Fun Football Festivals of 1-day duration for a total of 31,552 boys and girls
  • 24 academies in the FC Barcelona programs as well as regular activities for Syrian refugees residing in Jordan
  • Regular self-organised activities in 116 popular clubs in Iraq for 36,346 direct beneficiaries
  • Enrolment of 3,920 voluntary coaches and coach assistants in the Open Fun Football Schools program
  • 1,008 voluntary club-officials in the Iraq program
  • Seminars and workshops for 3266 leaders, coaches and club officials
  • Workshops and meetings with 4,567 parents
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