257 persons from 20 partner countries met in Struga, FYR Macedonia 26-30 November to share best prac

the video report from the OFFS Market Place please click here To read the report from the OFFS Conference please click here…. A culminating point at the meeting was the "OFFS Market Place" where the respective countries was presenting their individual programs.The OFFS Market Place clearly demonstrated how we all share the same starting point using the OFFS program as tool for social change.
But the stands also confirmed how the OFFS is used as tool in different social, political and cultural environments. Thus we were all introduced to tens of different and meaningful spin-off programs.The variety and creativity of the stands were amazing and so was the dedication of the participants.
It is challenging to make a full report from all stands/programs, but to give an example of the diversity main focus presented was: OFFS-Classic  – conflict/friendship  (all countries incl. Iraq, Ukraine, Bosnia, Kosovo and Moldova).
OFFS + SSP (Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia)
OFFS + Girls (Moldova, Croatia)
OFFS + Youth (Tunisia, Iraq)
OFFS + Lifeskills (Oman/Iraq-FC Barcelona)
OFFS + Refugee camps (Jordan, Iraq)
OFFS + Street sport (Lebanon, Jordan, Azerbaijan)
OFFS in P.E. Schools (Ukraine, FYR Macedonia, Armenia)
OFFS + Inter-ethnic camp (FYR Macedonia)
OFFS + Things Talk – environment (Azerbaijan, Lebanon)
OFFS + pre school after school children (Croatia, FYR Macedonia) 

Titos story

Tito’s Story

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