293 participants at OFFS in Morocco

In collaboration with the association Women, Achievements and Values, a special sports day was organized at the family camp on the white beach of Guelmim in southern Morrocco, 850 km. from Rabat.


Here 293 participants took part in the various sports, educational and recreational activities dedicated to the concept of sport for all, indifferent to social segments and age. The sports day benefitted families, widows, divorcees, and people with disabilities from different localities in the region. The event marked a beginning for all the Sahrawi girls and women who participated to link a positive attitude towards football and sports.



20 young women and men from the Guelmim Oued Noun associations were active in an organized training session and in theoretical and practical lessons, including workshops about mixed football and Open Fun Football Schools, to promote sports culture. In terms of participation, coordination with local authorities, elected councils, and civil society the event reported successful. To celebrate this, traditional music and Hassani songs played and created a festive atmosphere.