38 OFFS Ukraine-2014: 7300 kids, crime prevention, internally displaced children, and regions un

In 2014 the Open Fun Football School program in Ukraine has become a national consolidating project in Ukraine reaching out to the whole country. Thus, the Football Federation of the Ukraine and OFFS Ukraine team decided to expand the Open Fun Football School program in order to use it as a tool  to unify children and reaching out to displaced persons. Moreover, in most cases the Open Fun Football School program has been the only option of engaging kids into football training.
Correspondingly a total 38 Open Fun Football Schools have been implemented during 2014 comprising 7300 children, and over 1000 volunteers. 80% of kids did not train before, 40% were girls, 15% – children with social problems, 4% – orphans. It should be mentioned that aprrox. 500 displaced kids took part in OFFS.
Seminar for leaders from all regions of Ukraine was held in Illichivsk city on August, 20-23. These leaders organized training for volunteers in respective regions. All participants got manuals for regional volunteers, illustrated albums for children on crime prevention and "School of Young Supporter", flyer-invitations on festivals for kids with contact information of all football classes and organizations that help kids, project videos, video clip and cartoon on children crime prevention, reporting forms on memory sticks.
Separate classes were given by the project instructor from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (police), besides separate training for local policemen – project volunteers – was held.
All materials, mentioned above, were used within Open Fun Football Schools. Donaire of Ukrainian OFFS was engagement of Slavko the Brave – mascot with an entertainer in it that was taken by kids with great admiration.
Open Fun Football Schools of 5 days duration has been orginsed in: 
1) Volyn region. – city of Volodymyr-Volynsk
2) Dnipropetrovsk region. – Nikopol city
3) Zaporozhye region – Zaporozhye city
4) Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Kolomyia city
5) Lviv region. – Lviv city
6) Mykolaiv region. – Pervomaysk city
7) Poltava region. – city of Kobylyaky
8) Rvne region. – Kostopil city
9) Sumy region. – Sumy city
10) Ternopil region. – Ternopil city
11) Kharkov region. –
Merepha city (Autumn 2013)
12) Khmelnitskyi region. – Khmelnitsk city
13) Chernihiv region. – Chernihiv city In Autumn:
14) Vinnitsa region – Yampil city
15) Volyn region. – Kovel city
16) Dnipropetrovsk region – Ordzhonikidze city
17) Zhytomyr region – Berdichev city,
18) Zhytomyr region – Zhitomir city
19) Zakarpatt’a region – Perechyn district
20) Zakarpatt’a region. – city of Velykyi Bereznyi
21) Zaporozhye region – Zaporozhye city
22) Ivano-Frankivsk region – Kalush city
23) Kiev region – Vasil’kov city
24) Kirovograd region – Novomyrhorod city
25) Kirovograd region – Alexandrovka village
26) Lviv region – Kamyanka-Buz’ka district
27) Mykolaiv region – Juzhnoukrainsk city
28) Odessa region – Sarata district
29) Rivne region – Berezne city
30) Sumy region – Konotop city;
31) Ternopil region – Berezhany city
32) Kharkov region – Merepha city
33) Kherson region – Belozersky district, Chornobaivka village
34) Khmelnitsky region – Starokostiantyniv city
35) Cherkasy region – Cherkasy district, Belozerye village
36) Chernivtsi region – Kitsman’ city
37) Chernihiv region – Borzna city
38) Kyiv city – Podil district, "Spartak" Stadium.

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