AL-SALAAM Football School in Iraq

10 years ago, al-Salaam Football School was established with the support from CCPA in Denmark and the director Anders Levinsen.
CCPA delivers material, moral and logistic support and conduct seminars for staff and coaches about new ways of training. CCPA and Al-Salaam School have together established a lot of football schools for players below 12 years.
CCPA has invited Iraqi trainers to Denmark in order to get European experience and send this to Iraq. This is experience is needed in Iraq. Also, a group of Danish trainers from CCPA have come to Iraqi Kurdistan to help our trainers and our children to develop their skills.
The Olympic Magazine met Mr. Falah Aleabi, former player, referee in Denmark and expert in children´s sports said: "The Danish organisation has been so helpful and so cooperative with Iraq. All Iraqis should be grateful for the efforts of CCPA and Denmark".
Director of Al-Salaam, Mr. Jamal Aleabi said: "We are so grateful and thankful to CCPA about what they produce in to Iraq – and for the children and their support with things like training tools, lectures and invitations to Iraqi trainer to go to Denmark and meetings with European experts". Mr. Jamal, himself an Iraqis player in the 70s and 80s, has asked the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the Head of Olympic Committee to support the project and the sport in Iraq.
Al-Salaam Football School opened a lot of schools in Iraq and held training courses for trainers. The last training course was held for 44 trainers from Baghdad, Karbala, Anbar, Mahmoudi. In this seminar, the trainers receive education in the new ways in training.
Translated by
Ehab Kadhum