On this page you can find some videos showing our work around the world. Some of the videos are sponsored and made by UEFA, while other videos are made by our international partners themselves (not necessarily translated into English).

UEFA video. Find out about a life-changing scheme that is having an impact through football in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
UEFA featuring: “Open Fun Football Schools” in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Video from Open Fun Football School in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013:
Open Fun Football School, Zenica, 2013


Video showing the SSP element in our football schools. This video is from Zagreb, Croatia 2018:
Open Fun Football School, Zagreb 2018


Music video by Moonjam – Humans & Angels. This song was dedicated to Cross Cultures.  Moonjam made it during a Council in Struga, Macedonia, from the 27th – 30th of November 2014:

Moonjam – Humans & Angels