Capacity-building seminar for local cross sectorial-networks in Ukraine

By: Jane Pavola

Results: 17 Civil Society and Public Sector (CSP) networks have been created at our seminar and 78 participants from 9 regions of Ukraine attended the seminar. 500 lecture plans published and disseminated within the framework of this seminar for 117 local schools. The pilot version of the Handbook for our coaches has been developed and published in 100 copies. After this seminar the Handbook will be revised,  improved and published in 400 copies.

The seminar was build on 3 main topics:

       Children’s Rights in Sport – What do we know about children’s rights? What do we know about new tendencies in sport:  Sport for peacebuilding and development? What do we know about children’s rights in sport?

       CSP-model – Who are the main actor? What are their role and functions in the CSP team?

        Teambuilding – Psychological approach for team building, algorithm for cooperation and intercommunication of CSP teams

The first day was performed in panel sessions and interactive activities. The first screening of participant’s awareness about children’s/human rights demonstrated that 76% did not know the CRC provisions; 80% – did not see the linkage between sports and children’s rights; 83% did not understand the role of sports in development and peacebuilding. 

The second day was build in a form of interactive workshops: 1. Implementation of CRC in sport by CSP teams; 2. CSP model in local communities and 3. How to create a proper  CSP team.  After the second day of the seminar 95% of participants answered that their knowledge on children’s rights and on the ways of implementation of children’s rights through sports had been improved.

For the third day we prepared 5 real cases with the specific focus on the rights of IDP-children, children at risk and excluded children. The participants were asked to find a proper solution for these cases as CSP teams. This activity was performed in a form of interactive game “World Café”.

Here are some thoughts from three participants of the seminar:

“…in serving the best interests of children through sports, we serve the best interests of safe community, peace and development” (Aliona, Kramatorsk, Donetsk region)

Now I realize that football can unite various children as the platform for education, self-esteem and motivation” (Yuriy, Zaporizhzhia)

I know now the meaning of the best interest of children, I know about the main provisions of CRC and I know how to implement children’s rights in sports” (Yaroslav, Dnipro)<o:p></o:p>