CCPA – International Council Conference in Macedonia

The Open Fun Football Schools started 17 years ago and for that occasion, the international HQ in Brondby, Denmark has invited the whole CCPA family for the first International Council Conference in Struga, Macedonia.
260 people from 15 countries, 4 regions and 3 continents will participate in the establishment of the International Council between November 27th and 30th in the year of 2014.
On this great occasion, 17 years of cross-cultural work will be celebrated in the heart of southern Europe. Here the members will discuss the future, projects, developments and strategy for the organization.
Also people across 15 countries will have time to connect with the rest of the CCPA family, it is as much a conference as a family reunion celebrating the strong bond that unites them.
The participants will consist of staff, instructors, trainers, parents, former staff member & etc. Personnel will include people from countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iraq and Tunisia.
17 years from the first Open Fun Football School in the war-torn Bosnia & Herzegovina, has now reached 14 countries and helped to meddle between cultures, ethnicities, religions and sects through the universal language of football.
For live updates during the conference please use the hashtag #CCPA on facebook, twitter and instagram to see a stream of pictures, videos and information, as the event unfolds.

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