CCPA Jordan kick-starts their program in Mafraq

The Jordanian team of coaches held a seminar at Bal’ama Football Club for 24 volunteers, Jordanians and Syrian for the length of 3 days from March 19th to 21st in 2015.
The seminar included theoretical lectures in the hall and practical fieldwork under the supervision of CCPA – AMMAN and CCPA – Baghdad. The honourable president of Bal’ama F.C. opened the seminar in front of the presence of the local municipal council.
The seminar kick-started a plan to make 12 seminars and 12 football schools in 12 governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Where a local football club will supervise each provincial football activities after the end of the seminar and football festival.
At Bal’ama Football Club, more than 350 kids were present, the local community positively received the Jordanian and Iraqi coaches, welcoming the project to Jordan.