CCPA Youth Seminar in Sulemaniah

February 9th-11th, 33 boys and girls (age 16-41) from Baghdad (Iraq) and Sulemaniah (Iraqi Kurdistan) participated in the Youth seminar, along with 10 participants from the Danish organization Operation a day´s work ("Operation Dagsværk").
The goal of the seminar was to bring young people of both different cultural, religious and geographical backgrounds together, to get to know each other and share their thoughts about various subjects in the context of their different backgrounds and daily life. In the case of the Iraqi and Kurdish participants, it was also an introduction to the idea behind CCPA, and the work that we do, so that, hopefully, they would be interested in helping us make a better Iraq.
Through a variety of workshops the participants had to self-reflect, and express, their perspectives on networking, voluntarism and the meeting between cultures. The different approaches in the workshops resulted in a varied and filling covering of the subjects. The workshops included preparing for an Open Fun Football Festival (OFFF) for 120 kids. The OFFF was the culmination of three days of intense and giving workshops and preparations.

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