Connie Hedegaard impressed by Sport-for-all Caravan

Connie Hedegaard, Former Minister for the environment and EU Commissioner for climate change is one of Cross Cultures’ strong board members. Last week the Board went to our partner country Morocco to hold the General Assembly, meet with local partners, and experience our Fun-Sport activities and a sport-for-all Caravan. And seeing the Caravan for herself made a strong impression on Connie Hedegaard, who explains:

The strongest impression was when we went out to see a caravan. Seeing all that enthusiasm and energy as well as the way the volunteers work, I have to say I think it was impressive. And it has also been very inspiring to meet the local people. I think it is some really, really strong people we have met. So it was a very great experience for me to really get to know Cross Cultures” (own translation).


See the short interview with Connie Hedegaard here (the interview is in Danish).