Cooperation between Open Fun Football Schools and Military Academy in Skopje

In cooperation with the Military Academy, Open Fun Football Schools of Macedonia have made a joint event with the participation of 30 children from two primary schools (Mirce Acev-Gj. Petrov and Braka Miladinovci-Aerodrom) and 30 young cadets from the Academy. The event took place at the sport pitch of the Academy.  All participants were greeted by the director of the Academy, colonel and d-r Mr. Zoran Jovanovski. Also a few teachers from the Academy were present at the day, and got acquainted with the sporting activities prepared for this purpose.

Primary school children and cadets from the Military Academy playing together. 


The participating children were divided in mixed groups of cadets and primary school children, and all the games were made with the purpose of emphasizing the team spirit and cooperation among the participants. At the end of the day, all participants were very satisfied, and a new sporting friendship got scheduled, and will be located in City Park of Skopje.

Open Fun Football Schools of Macedonia will continue to cooperate with the Military Academy on sports events, especially as part of recruiting new cadets to be enrolled at the Academy, and will be promoted to secondary school students.


The mixed group of primary school children and cadets with the director of the Military Academy.