Corona-guidelines for the re-opening of Open Fun Football Schools

You can read the full report here or see the guidelines on the photos below!

First, an introduction:

Severa Open Fun Football School partner countries are now considering to allow

children to play and practice sport again. But it must be done in a responsible way.

Cross Culture’s stance is clear: In the given situation Cross Cultures consider
public health primary to bringing people together across societal cleavages
and our Open Fun Football Schools activities must not help spread infection
either on or off the playing field. Furthermore, Cross Cultures and the Open Fun
Football School program must as a minimum ALWAYS follow the recommendations
of the national authorities when it comes to practising sports again.

Within this framework, the Open Fun Football School programme will of course stay
tuned to creating joy, fun and a sense of togetherness while at the same time educating
children and youth relevant lifeskills, and we will act responsibly and appropriately
so that OFFS activities do not contribute to the spread of infection.

Hence, this guideline provides an overview of Cross Culture’s attitude and approach
to the re-opening of OFFS-activities in the light of the Corona-crisis.

The new guidelines constitute an overall protocol for start-up and training at Open
Fun Football Schools – and they are based on the Danish authorities’ general recommendations
and the published guidelines for outdoor sports from the Danish Sports
Federation. In addition, Cross Cultures has received input from the Danish FA, the
Danish League as well as inspiration from KNVB-Netherlands, where football has
been opened under a number of restrictions. This protocol is constantly updated in
new versions as new guidelines come from relevant authorities.

For additional guidelines please also consult the national authorities in your home

Anders Levinsen. May 2020