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Trans Caucasus

Cross Cultures is a global network. On this page you can find information about our activities in Trans Caucasus.


During 2003, the Open Fun Football Schools project for children became a reality in Armenia. The new sport schools with the new games, updated approach, and bright-coloured sport equipment attracted lots of children and resumed lots of interest in sports. It engaged boys and girls, children with physical impairment and diabetic children. In 2003, two schools were established in the capital city Yerevan on the bases of "Malatia" and "Pyunik" sport clubs with over 192 participating children in each. Leaders, instructors and parents took an active participation in the OFFS. Sport events were highly supported by the Armenian Football Federation. 

In the past years, the government's encouragement and support for sports has made positive changes for children, parents and communities in Armenia. Sport schools, sport bases and camps have been restored. Sport federations started to gather sportsmen and associates around. 


Our work in Armenia20192004-2019 (total)
Partner since2004
Number of OFFS10 (+10 one day festivals)159 (+ 239 one day festivals)
Total number of children1,769 (+1769 at one day festivals)30,473 (+32,309 at one day festivals)
Total number of volunteers*260
Female volunteers97
Male volunteers163

Source: Internal statistics.

Leaders, Trainers, Assistants, and others.


The Cross Cultures projects in Azerbaijan implements and advocates Open Fun Football Schools and other community-based children’s sport activities to facilitate peace, tolerance, gender equality, and inter-ethnic community building.  

Sport is generally an important part of Azerbaijani culture with football being the most popular sport. Cross Cultures is conducting the education of coaches and leaders in cooperation with the neighboring countries Armenia and Georgia. The OFFS-program is mainly organizing activities in the countryside, where recreational activities for children are few. Among these activities is the project “Football in School Yards” where CCPA is facilitating self-organization and Fun-Football Festivals in residential areas. 


Our work in Azerbaijan20192004-2019
Partner since2004
Number of OFFS10 (+10 one day festivals)185 (+ 155 one day festivals)
Total number of children1,215 (+1,207 at one day festivals)34,176 (+25,874 at one day festivals)
Total number of volunteers*159
Female volunteers53
Male volunteers106

Source: Internal statistics.

Leaders, Trainers, Assistants, and others. 


One of the most important goals achieved by the Open Fun Football Schools (OFFS) in Georgia is the successful organization of Street Sport events and the follow-up activity, which includes children from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Cross Cultures managed to solve, maybe on the local scale so far, a very important matter - the living and training together of the OFFS instructors, leaders, and trainers from Armenia and Azerbaijan on the territory of Georgia during the OFFS seminars.  


Our work in Georgia20192003-2019
Partner since2003
Number of OFFS11213 (+ 396 one day festivals)
Total number of children2,11240,192 (+27,859 at one day festivals)
Total number of volunteers*348
Female volunteers102
Male volunteers246

Source: Internal statistics.

Leaders, Trainers, Assistants, and others.