Cross Cultures’ first time in Nigeria

First time in Nigeria

Cross Cultures, a Danish NGO that promotes cultural exchange and social cohesion through sports, recently organized a coaches seminar for 84 former football players from the All Nigeria Football Player Union (ANFPU) in Abuja, Nigeria. The seminar was part of Cross Cultures’ Leadership Education program, which included an Open Fun Football School as a practical component.

Cross Cultures coach seminar for ex-football players in Nigeria

The coach’s seminar was led by the founder of Cross Cultures, Anders Levinsen, who shared his knowledge and asked the participants some crucial questions that made the participants develop their understanding of their role as a coach for children. The coaches seminar aimed to develop the skills of the local coaches and provide them with a new approach to football coaching based on the Danish football model.

Anders Levinsen expressed his satisfaction with the program: “It was one of the best first-time Open Fun Football Schools I’ve ever seen. There were so many smiles throughout the days, and the games were so colourful. The coaches developed our old and classic games with a twist that made them even funnier.”

Abdul Sule and Anders Levinsen

The seminar’s Open Fun Football School component was a huge success, with enthusiastic participation from the children and positive feedback from the parents and organizers. The coaches, who received training from Cross Cultures’ coaches, developed their coaching skills. The Danish football model was a new learning experience for them, despite their extensive experience as football players.

The last day of the coaches seminar was emotional for one of the coaches, who shed a tear of joy for what Cross Cultures had brought to Nigeria. The program provided a platform for children to learn essential life skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork, promoting social cohesion and cultural exchange.

In conclusion, Cross Cultures’ coaches seminar and Open Fun Football School in Nigeria showcased the potential of sports to promote social cohesion, cultural exchange, and leadership development. The program’s inclusive and fun approach provided a safe and empowering environment for children and coaches to learn and grow. The success of the program lays a strong foundation for future collaborations between Cross Cultures, ANFPU, and other organizations in Nigeria.