Girls Football

  • We aim for a minimum of 40% girls participants in all our activities
  • We aim for a minimum of 40% female volunteers (leaders, coaches, trainers, and assistants)  
  • We organize regional and national networks for relevant stakeholders, focusing on a strengthening of girls’ football. 


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Sport for all

In Cross Cultures we believe that sport is for everyone, no matter what gender one has. Therefore we prioritize female participation in all our activities. We provide girls and women with access to a domain that is still, by many, seen as a male domain. When we make girls and boys play football together, establish female football teams, and recruit and train female coaches and volunteers in local communities, we do not only enhance the well-being and active community engagement of the participants. We also provide girls and women (as well as boys and men) with alternative role models and opportunities. In this way, girls and women’s participation in football becomes a valuable tool in combating gender-based stereotypes while at the same time stimulating women’s well-being and civic participation. 


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For further information about our impact on girls’ football, please click on the link below:

Growing participation in girls football (2016)