MAGLAJ & HELSINGOR students together at Open Fun Football activities

Cross Cultures, together with it’s Sarajevo branch office, organized a one day visit to the city of Maglaj, for the students of Helsingor gymnasium, as a part of their study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Thirty Danish teenagers met their Bosnian peers, on a football pitch – the one that has been a nest for one of the first Open Fun Fooball Schools and that was heavily ruined during the 2014 floods. Not only students from Maglaj were there, but the friends from Doboj and Žep?e also came.
Their day together started by playing together four different stations hosting different Fun Football games. After two hours, bonds and teams were already made, and soon after, during a lunch break – the faceebook profiles and emails have been exchanged.
Time For Selfies By the time we got to Maglaj gymnasium, the students took a walk from stadium to city , resulting in endless selfies and tagging – a sure sign that there is more than just love for fun and playing in common. The school director welcomed guests, there was a movie about the Maglaj, school and the floods, and everyone could learn about Helsingor, castle and life in Denmark as well.
Program followed with implementation of the interview workshop, where Danish students composed and asked relevant questions and discussed post -war life, relationship to neighbouring communities and ethnic groups and relevance of the Open Fun Football Schools.
Following two hours were reserved for a Walk& Talk excercise. Soon, the small mixed groups dissapeared behind the walls of the medieval Maglaj castle and behind the doors of authentic, oriental buildings. Lot of topics have been covered, many things talked about. Not only the things we encouraged to talk about, but also contemporary youth issues.
The visit ended with a joint lunch in the Maglaj gymnasium. Cross Cultures and OFFS Bosnia and Herzegovina are happy to be able to host such events, with the help of the vast local network on the ground. In the future, we hope to welcome more students and help them meet and understand the post-conflict life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as enjoy it’s natural beauty,geography and night life .
CCPA is looking forward to results of the survey and interview workshop from students of Helsingor gymnasium.