Multiethnic Youth Camp

Cross Cultures’ local partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association Open Fun Football Schools, with support of the USA Embassy in BH, has started a multiethnic youth camp in Stolac, BH.
The camp  gathers youngsters from local communities across BH, on a ten day networking scheme, entitled ‘Peace Laboratory’ . The aim of the camp is to train  young, so-called ‘change-agents’ at the “Cross Cultures Innovative Peace Laboratory” where the young people interact and exchange visions and ideas for the future while they at the same time are working on a joint platform and developing activities within the Open Fun Schools program portfolio.
The Peace Laboratory will be carried out with a special creative and innovative four-step-approach, which is a learning format that on one hand deals with strategic management and the ability to cope constructively with complex problems and on the other hand it deals with imagination by means of ‘imaginary perspectives’ as ways of observing, and at the same time enahcing sport management capacities and development of counstructive project ideas for respective communities.
The camp started on April 5, by introduction workshops, and is followed by CCPA’s traditional Bon Bon Cup.