OFFS Ukraine at “Olympic Lesson”

On Saturday the 8th of September, the All-Ukrainian sports holiday “Olympic Lesson”, founded by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports, was held. All 27 regions of Ukraine participated in it, and OFFS principles and methods were used during the activities involving football. Football Federation of Ukraine […]

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Winners of “We are Euro-2012 hosts” and “Live healthy!” contests were celebrated in the House of Foo

The final award ceremony for the winners of two the most large-scales on-line football contests of Ukraine – “We are Euro-2012 hosts” and “Live healthy!” – was held at the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) on Friday the 28th of September. The first contest was conducted by the All-Ukrainian educational network “” – which accounts […]

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The 19th FAM “C” License Course in Moldova

In the period from the 10th to the 20th of September 2012, FA of Moldova under umbrella of CCPA/OFFS, held the 19th FAM “C” License Course for 24 coaches, in the Sport Center “Buiucani” in Chisinau. It is the seventh “C” License course in which the CCPA/OFFS women instructors Mrs. CEBAN Svetlana, Mrs. CEBAN Natalia […]

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