OFFS- Mini Champions Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mini Champions event took it’s fifth edition last weekend in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event, organized by CCPA Open Fun Football Schools BH and endorsed by UEFA , UniCredit Bank , Mastercard, Nissan and Sony, gathered over 600 children from 20 cities and towns across the country.
The idea behind the event was born as a result of the cooperation of CCPA and UniCredit foundation in 2011, when local branches were asked to mark the cooperation by brand activation through fun football and social activities. Thus, Mini Champions were created to celebrate UniCredit and UEFA Champions League. Soon, UEFA came on board, together with it’s CL partners on local level.
Since, each year, on the day of the UCL finals, girls and boys from Bosnia and Herzegovina meet and dress in colors of the playing clubs. They celebrate togetherness, football and friendship. This year, Zenica hosted 600 kids, who played and had fun on 22 football stations and 6 workshops.Team of 120 volunteers made sure all went well .
A drum orchestra, football joggler, face painter and a signer were also there to pump up the atmosphere just in case someone felt tired of the football! Buses poured in Zenica bringing children from Pale, Sarajevo, Isto?no Sarajevo , Hrasnica, Lukavac, Maglaj, Zavidovi?i, Žep?e, Petrovo, Doboj, Gra?anica, Tesli?, Usora, Visoko, Vogoš?a, Breza, Vareš, Ilijaš… Alll children played but none won!
They were all winners and celebrated in the end together. Everyone got a medal, a t-shirt and a cap, along with the lunch and refreshment.
Together with the sponsors, CCPA OFFS will work on promoting it’s ideas and initiatives. We hope for the Mini Champions to become an even bigger event welcoming more children and spreading the idea of friendship beyond the borders! See you on May 28th, as big clubs will play in Milan, we will play in another BH city !

To watch the video from Mini Champions click here…….