OFFS+SSP and Follow up Activities in Georgia

OFFS+SSP and Follow up Activities in Georgia held on the high organizational and sport level the following OFFS+SSP festivals and tournaments within the framework of the follow up activities:
– OFFS Cup has become a very popular event in all football and public schools of Georgia.We held the aforesaid event in Rustavi, Gori, Lanchkhuti and Tbilisi within FEB-March 2014.
– Practically in all OFFS locations we held OFFS+SSP events dedicated to International Women’s Day on March 8 2014. During the events we arranged parents’ meeting, talks with children about the aims and tasks of the SSP project.
– We held together with the RFF of Shida Kartli in the village of Disti a mini-football tournament between the pupils of public schools from 8 neighboring villages, located near frontier of the occupied Ossetian territory. The event was attended by the Sport Minister of Georgia, GFF Secretary General, regional district administration, including RFF, regional and local police and EU monitoring group.

Titos story

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