OFFS+SSP+Training modules for capacity building of the eight local SSP Teams

77 participants in total, including staff from Sport, School, Social and Police sector, were representing the eight SSP districts in Georgia at the two-day Capacity Workshops. Further key persons from the our national partners and the Headquarter of Tbilisi Police were participating actively, welcomed by Mr. Levan Kipiani, Minister for Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia and Mr. Tamaz Tevzadze, Deputy Minister for Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia.
The participants were amongst others:
– presented to the Lecture Plans tool
– introduced to inter
-active parents meetings regarding alcohol, drug, misbehavior and social exaggerations
– actively participating in workshops on designing a Georgian Cross Sectorial Tool for Risk Assessment and- trained in using the "Mediation carpet"
– a conflict resolution tool to prevent bullying and to solve conflicts in schoolyard.
The two days went very fast thanks to the dynamic processes executed by the motivated and skilled participants and local staff from our Georgian branch office. The tools presented for the participants are used in Denmark and refer to 30 years of experience on working cross sectorial towards juvenile crime prevention. The participants generally found the tools feasible for their community and national contexts, and where engaged in designing the tools in a way that made even more sense to their everyday life realities, which can differ from Denmark. E.g. in the workshop on designing a Georgian Cross Sectorial Tool for Risk Assessment, the expert team summed up their work like following:
"There are more factors in Georgia that we would like to take more into consideration when working with this very interesting tool. Unemployment is a big problem, families can hardly survive and there is no welfare security. Many of them become beggars. It influences badly the bringing up of children in general. At least one person from the family should work, but a lot of families are without no source of income, and their children usually can start stealing, get influenced by the bad habits of the street – violence, drugs, alcohol. Addiction makes them steal too. We will therefore add issues and extra questions. But in general we accept it as a whole. We think that it would be very useful for our cross sector and preventive work. We can use it and be aware of the conditions that there are some more matters to be taken into consideration".
The last day, the participants evaluated the content and frames of the workshop seminar, and we are pleased to tell that the scores were ranking very positively. 

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