OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: Danish Consultant lectures in Strategy Seminar for the Iraqi Youth Network

In the third seminar held for the Iraqi Youth Network, the guest of honor was Henning Kurland, who lectured in strategic planning for 10 board members and 12 coordinators from the Iraqi Youth Network in Side, Turkey.
This times Danish consultant was Henning Kurland, who had a past as a professional footballer, coach and later on coordinator for CCPA, before retiring from work and becoming a consultant with expertise in management, more specifically sports management.
The seminar held followed a Strategic Handbook authored by the CCPA CEO Anders Levinsen, a handbook that is designed to be a guideline for how to strategically organize an association, organization or union of any way or form and the activities that follow with such institution.
The board of the Iraqi Youth Network used it to form its communicational planning, vision and 111 association seminars for the last part of the year. Whilst the coordinators used the handbook to plan their last activities for the upcoming winter: for some it was the planning of a SFO (After-School-Activities) for Fallujah IDP’s in Baghdad, an all-girl football school in Kurdistan and activities for children with mental disabilities in Basra.
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