OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: Football Tournament in Ainkawa

Operation Day’s Work funded a grassroots "Assyrian Football Association" in Ainkawa, for the Bartallah in Our Hearts Championship: with 8 teams divided over 2 groups, finding a champion amongst them, Team Bartallah.
Through cooperation between CCPA, Al-Salam Football School, Bartallah Soccer Club, the Syriac Church, Bartalah Youth and Students Union, Siryoyo Sat and the Chaldo-Assyrian Youth Association.
The championship was organised by a board member of the Iraqi Youth Network; Nashwan Sabah, the IYN is an umbrella-board of associations from across Iraq funded by Operation Day’s Work.
Amongst the attendees were the mayor of Hamdaniyah; Mr. Nisan Karoumi, Director of Bartalah District; Mr. Ali Mohammad Fathi attended the finals of the championship. Amongst the crowd were distinguished priests, local political figures and footballing legends of Iraqi Christian decent.
The championship gathered a lot of attention, brought many exciting games that will be remembered for a long time among the youth of the area, hoping to copy their new heroes triumphs for the many coming tournaments.
There are plans to make a tournament for the Assyrian, Chaldean & Syriac villages of Nineveh. Hoping to make it an annual football tournament for Iraq’s Christians, more specifically the IDP’s of Nineveh province.