OPERATION DAGSVÆRK: Iraqi Youth Network visits the Church of Apostles Mar-Batur & Mar-Boulos

The Iraqi Youth Network (IYN) and its Cross Muslim-Christian Association (CMCA) conducted activities for IDP’s from Nineveh plain of Iraqi Christian descent. Playing games, doing a concert and handing over gifts and having a mass-dinner with refugees of Nineveh in the church, which is located in Baghdad.The activity was coordinated between the board member of the (IYN), Mr. Karim ‘Al-Iraqi’ and the president of the CMCA, Mr. Mohammad ‘Hamoodi’ Al-Lami.
The CMCA’s main work is to make cross-religious activities between Muslims and Christian, amongst them re-opening churches, doing recreational activities for children and creating dialogue between religious leaders of both sides, encouraging the Imams to open their doors to Christian refugees, which has succeeded in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.
More activities such as this will follow through as the CMCA is planning to visit each and every church in Baghdad, doing activities for the refugees and helping them with the necessities needed to survive as IDP’s. The father, sisters and refugees greeted the volunteers of the CMCA, with open arms.
Many of the young Christian IDP’s volunteered themselves to the CMCA, offering to do activities and help out at Muslim events, while the Muslim members will continue their work at churches, refugee camps and hold events for Christian holidays preserving the Muslim-Christian brotherhood in Iraq.