OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:Iraqi Youth Network presents, A Mothers Heart Association

The office of Baghdad in the Iraqi Youth Network, have introduced a new association: A Mothers Heart Association, an association consisting of widows with a heart big enough to include orphans into their families.
A growing problem since 1980 has been the never-ending growth of widows and orphans in Iraq, after three wars, one civil war and ten years of terrorists attacks, more than a million widows and orphans are left behind without any welfare nor any support.
The Iraqi Youth Network decided to take the matter in their own hands, they decided to take the two issues and combine them. After contacting the Women’s Rights Association, also created by the IYN, they managed to get into contact with well-off widows, who are more than willing to take care of orphans.
The idea is to bring a mother to each orphan, and include him or her in the network of associations created by the IYN. Do activities with the orphans and give them a family, also at the time including other associations in the IYN network.
The mother then will take the child in the surroundings they are familiar with through the IYN family, they can take them to do homework with the Teacher-Student Association, teach them to play instruments in the Iraqi Folklore Association, sign them up in one of the 55 active football clubs in the network and many more other associations to satisfy the needs of the children.
In a country without mercy, the IYN has created a unique community; where orphans without a mother, still can book a place at A Mothers Heart Association. As the IYN president, Karim ‘Al-Iraqi’ said: "With CCPA and OD, we the IYN are not only building the future for the generations to come, but we are also rebuilding those who were destroyed by the past."