OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:Opening of school in Silemani and Seminar conducted in Ainkawa

In the month of late September and early October, a seminar was conducted in Ainkawa for Iraqi Christians and a school was opened for Yezidi, Turkmen and Shabak IDP’s in Silemani.
More than 40 participated in the coaching seminars of Iraqi Christians in Ainkawa, 32 IDP’s and 8 from Khoyada (Unity) School. The coaching seminars were done to prepare these future coaches on challenges within the network, everything on how to conduct a school and how to execute its sport, cultural and educational centres.
Whilst in Silemani, a school was opened for more than 300 Yezidi, Turkmen and Shabaki IDP’s fleeing from the current political situation in their home provinces controlled by the ISIS. Also more than 30 volunteers participated, also a mixture between IDP youths and local volunteers.
The project is expected to grow and will now reach Baghdad, where there is an increase of IDP’s in districts such as Palestine Street, Hay Al-Umal, Kazimiyah and Iskan.

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