OPERATION DAGSVÆRK:The Iraqi Youth Network Floods Slemani with Activities

Two associations affiliated the Iraqi Youth Network; the Hairdressers Union and the Sports Association for the intellectually disabled made two activities in Slemani and gained media attention from the Iraqi-Kurdish television media.
One of the most active provinces in Iraq, the Kurdish province of Slemani has now its own Hairdressers Union (HU) and Sports Association for the Intellectually Disabled (SAID). The hairdressers are young association members affiliated the Iraqi Youth Network, who are now doing a tour from one refugee camp to another, offering free haircuts to IDP’s.
Amongst other the things, the HU has also helped setting up a beauty saloon for the Kobani widows, donating to them equipment and giving them classes on new techniques, creating a much needed income for them.
Meanwhile, the SAID held Special Olympics for the intellectually disabled, the event included several Olympic games where they competed in teams representing several cities from the Slemani province.
Both activities gained a lot of attention from the local media and boosted the amount of volunteers for the upcoming activities.