OSCE Security Days Conference on Building Bridges: Promoting Dialogue to Prevent Radicalization and

21.-22. May the Cross Cultures Man. Director Anders Levinsen was invited as panellist at the OSCE Security days providing an input on how Cross Cultures are using the Open Fun Football School program as mechanism to form community-based cross sector networks with the purpose to prevent juvenile crime, extremism and radicalisation leading to violence.
In his intervention Anders Levinsen amongst other argued that no children are born criminal or radical. It is a process that escalates step-by-step. Maybe children and youth isolate themselves from their families. Maybe they drop out of schools (knowing that in Denmark 80% of the school drop outs will be known by the police later in the lifestage) or start hate speeches at school or on the Internet.
The earlier one is able to detect these kinds of risk behaviour the higher is the chances to intervene before the situation take a wrong turn.
Hence juvenile crime prevention is an issue that is too important to leave with the police alone. It requires a joined and coordinated effort by those stakeholders how knows the youth and their families on a day-to-day basis, and in this context the Cross Cultures approach using the Open Fun Football School program as platform to build network between the core stakeholders and confidence between the SSP network, the youth and their families have proved very impacting.
Anders Levinsen argued that the most efficient the best tools to prevent extremism and radicalisation are communication, dialogue, social integration, exchanges and not the least a greater focus on community-based bottom-up approaches.