Schools of Sport and Peace

As a result of the commitment and hard work of Cross Cultures in 2011 OFFS team in Armenia has sustainable activities without financial support from CCPA.
The Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) is currently running the "Schools of Sport and Peace" project in partnership with Lydian International and its Armenia representative Geoteam CJSC, which is a 8-month program (April-November).
The program is aimed to promote sport and particularly mass football, interactive intercultural contacts, understanding, acceptance and greater knowledge of each other. The program also intends to encourage the exchange of interpersonal, cultural and sports values. The aim of the project is to promote children and youth development and integration through sport and a healthy life style in Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions.
The project "Schools of Sport and Peace" is stemming from social realities in Armenia. It is focused on confidence-building measures for children of different backgrounds and social groups (including those with impairments). In rural communities of Armenia, particularly in remote villages such as Saravan, Gndevaz and Gorayk, there are lots of challenges with regard to children and youth development, including poor infrastructure or lack of appropriate sport facilities, lack of supplies, qualified trainers, etc. This leads to inactivity among young people, limited physical training for children and youth that can eventually affect their health.
The program includes sport/football events in three communities and summer camp with sport education programs benefiting children and youth from all three communities.