Scouts and Cross Cultures join hands at Youth Festival

On December 21st 2019 the large Youth Festival was organised in Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunisia. Cross Cultures and our partner Sports for All Tunisia was pleased to support the Scouts in Tunisia and DUF in holding the event.

The Youth Festival also provided a chance to meet with other Jordanian organisations such as Action Aid, Liwan Youth Space, Drabzeen Human Development in addition to all the Tunisian youth coming from different regions of Tunisia. Sofien Zarra, Cross Culture Youth Coach, says that “even though we came from many places and organisations, we were having the same focus on how we could develop the voluntarism, gender equality, sports and culture integration, safeguarding of children and child protection and many other subjects related to youth in Tunisia“. 

Sofien concludes that the Cross Cultures coaches contributed to the various workshops to discuss and expose our program and our achievements with child safeguarding and coach leadership development and to be inspired and learn from others.