Sports festival in Taza

Cross Cultures and the association “Femmes, réalisations et valeurs “(Women Achievements and Values) organized in partnership with the Regional Center for Education and Training Professions in the city of Taza in the northeast of Morocco on 18-19 December 2019, the first edition of this city festival under the sloganThe accompaniment of childhood is a main pillar in sports development” 

Workshops were held for the benefit of physical education professors, and various sporting activities organised for hundreds of students.


The double world champion Mrs. Nezha Bidouane, Issam Sadiq, Director of Cross Cultures Jordan and Hajer Al-Saidi, representing the Tunisian Federation of Sports for All, all stressed the need to give utmost importance to children in remote areas and provide the appropriate infrastructure that allows children to exercise their right to play and create a healthy environment for the child to practice sporting activities.

Participants in these workshops called for the inclusion of all children in sporting activities without discrimination or exclusion or marginalization. They also called for awareness campaigns for young people about the importance of sports practice, which has become a constitutional right in Morocco and to fight all forms of violence against children.

The student Safaa Mali, who is 16 years old and author of the book “In the arms of the wind,” gave a presentation about happiness and life.

Mrs Bidouane urged the students to appreciate the values of sport, including the spirit of citizenship, education, good morals and correct behaviour. Stressing the importance of establishing sport in the daily practice of students because of its many benefits, in particular, maintaining health and its role in combating social ills. “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.