Summer E-camp – providing valuable experiences

As Cross Cultures has challenges in fulfilling our vision “bringing people together” physically due to the corona situation, the whole organisation has developed the Cross Cultures Virtual clubhouse as a platform for bringing people together virtually.

To provide us with valuable experiences, a summer E-camp was completed in Jordan and Tunisia on the same dates and at the same time – connecting coaches from the two countries as well as connecting with our Head of Education, Poul Duus Gilling, operating online from Copenhagen.

“The e-camp has provided us with a lot of valuable experiences of how to educate coaches online, providing us with an opportunity to complete educational training during the challenges with the corona situation” says Poul,  “and the combination of being together with Jordan and Tunisian coaches during the e-camp as well as them working on their own has been an excellent experience which will now be built into future camps and seminars”.

As well as discussing how the corona situation has affected the coaches, preparing for a training session with children on the pitch, developing fun exercises according to the Cross Cultures Corona guidelines, the e-camp also included a joint session between children from Jordan and Tunisia in an e-tournament, which was challenged by technical issues having to be solved for the next camps and seminars. The children participating in the e-camp was part of a session using tools from the Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse related to safeguarding. The children discussed the question “What is a good coach?” using the head – heart – legs philosophy as background for the discussion and the feedback.

“The feedback from the session with the children is so interesting as it shows it is possible to have a dialogue directly with the children about the safeguarding topic and providing the children with important life skills about the behaviour of the good coach,” says Poul.

CEO Anders Levinsen welcomed the e-camp and says “This e-camp is important for the future of Cross Cultures, as it is a new platform to bringing people together as long as we can not do our normal Open Fun Football Schools. The future with our Cross Cultures Virtual Clubhouse is encouraging as it can run in parallel with our normal activities and I am proud we have used the corona challenges to strengthen our organisation and preparing for the upcoming years.”

The e-camp was organised by Cross Cultures Tunisia team led by Jalel Ben Tekaya and the Cross Cultures Jordan team led by Issam Sadeq, together with the Cross Cultures office in Copenhagen.


In total 53 coaches and 28 children from Jordan and Tunisia participated in the e-camp.
The e-camp ran from the 16th to the 17th of July.