Thousands of women at Victory Race in Rabat

By: Mohammed Bencherif

In Rabat, on Sunday morning the 11th edition of the women’s Victory Race took place. Thousands of participants from various social categories and age groups took part in the streets of the capital of Morocco with the slogan “All in order to support Morocco’s candidacy for the FIFA World Cup 2026”. 


Thousands of girls and women participated in the Victory Race organized by the association “Women Achievements and Values”, led by the old double world champion in 400 m hurdles, Nezha Bidouane. She is the IAAF Ambassador for Africa in the Intercontinantal Cup  “Ostrava 2018” under the patronage of the King Mohammed VI, for their absolute support for Morocco’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2026.


Nezha Bidouane explains that the association seeks to spread the culture of sports practice and spreading its best values, including the values ??of citizenship, patriotism, respect for others and contribute to social and professional integration to promote women’s sport and make it a way of living. 


The focus of the Victory Race is not on the competition aspect but rather the opportunity to educate women and girls about the importance of sport as a tool for social integration, contributing to the development of women’s sport. Participants ran, walked or alternated between the two, depending on their ability.


Ever since the inaugural Women’s Race to Victory in 2005, thousands of women of all ages have taken part of this race in a festive atmosphere.