Playing for Peace and a Sustainable Future

Vision: To mobilize an internation peace movement that builds on the social commitment from grassroots sport

Mission: Playing for Peace and a Sustainable Future

We use

  • the individual qualities of the sport to empower children and youth living in fragile communities and strengthen their physical an psychosocial well-being.

  • the social qualities of sport to create cooperation and positive relationships between people with different backgrounds and promote social inclusion, and cohesion.

  • the democratic qualities of sport to strengthen local communities by promoting active citizenship, association formation, social networks, cross sector cooperation, and human rights

Core Values


  • We are transparent in everything we say and do
  • We are honest to our colleagues, surroundings and ourselves
  • We are predictable and thereby creating trust and comfort


  • Our organization and platform is open for everybody
  • Our organization works for gender equality and diversity
  • Our organization’s success derives from strong team spirit and a democratic mindset


  • We use sports to stimulate fun and enjoyment in a non-competitive way
  • We use sports to stimulate social development for children
  • We use sports to play to learn and learn to play


For further information about our vision and philosophy, please go to Basic approaches or the Introduction to our philosophy and fundamentals in the Toolbox.