Vnuci Sport Project brings people together

The implementation of project Vnuci sport, supported by International Olympic- Committee Development Grant 2019, kicked off on the 22nd-23rd of May 2019 at Forest Park in Gazi Baba, Macedonia. In total 120 children with 60 parents and grandparents from kindergartens in the Gazi Baba municipality – a divided community inhabited by people of Macedonian, Albanian and Roma backgrounds, was part of the joint sport activities. The participants were divided into 7 groups, where teachers and coaches prepared different games. Mr. Boris Gjorgjievski, the major of Gazi Baba attended the event and greeted all participants including principals from the kindergarten and the grandparents involved.

The event proved that sport is an excellent tool to bring people of different backgrounds together and that it has no age limit. – At least for a moment, parents and grandparents were brought back in childhood memories together with their kids.

The next activities took place on the 08th -09th of June 2019, at a football pitch in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov. Around 60 children with 60 grandparents and parents took part in the sport program’s activities. The event contained a similar program to the previous events, where all participants were divided in 5 groups with different games. Children and grandparents clearly appreciated the opportunity to take part in organized fun sport activities. Everyone took on new exercises and challenges at the various activity stations with a smile.

The participant have welcomed the Vnuci Sport Project’s activities with emotions and positive expressions of support. Being able to implement the project for the first time and thereby bring together generations of children and grandparents with different backgrounds, contributed to an over-all satisfaction.

Please find more pictures from the project activities on our Facebook page; CCPA, Open Fun Football Schools-Macedonia.