A great “connection” between Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia

“I asked our colleagues from Tunisia and Jordan to not quit the Zoom-connection, and wait, watch and listen to us singing a Moroccan song.

Once our group in Casablanca started singing and dancing, suddenly, the Tunisian and Jordanian groups started dancing and singing with us at the same time.” Sofien Zarraa 

The Advanced Level (2nd level) seminar was executed from the 11th – 15th of September in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia simultaneously. Due to the pandemic, the three countries were unable to make it a regional seminar and had to make it national instead of preventing a cross-cultural seminar.

The seminar was comprised of nine workshops in total, starting out with a mental visualization of one’s personal dream, and how it could be achieved via Cross Culture’s OFFS, varying between local inspiring and motivating storytelling, mission and vision, the values and significance of one’s dream project, how to reach the specific objectives culminating in a workshop where the attendees had to build their dream and vision in LEGO. All workshops were part of a strategic plan to dissect the coaches’ dreams into visions and objectives, granting them the title of Advanced Level Community Organizers.

Unfortunately, the three countries were unable to travel and do the seminar in Tunisia. However, that didn’t stop them! The coaches and coordinators found an alternative and executed the seminar simultaneously through online sessions. In that way, they met every evening and exchanged their workshop feedbacks and had fun together.

Each country had 20 voluntary Basic Level coaches for the seminars. This seminar, which has brought together people from Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco, is a clear picture of Cross Cultures’ abilities and expertise in bringing people together across borders and boundaries – even during challenging circumstances.  

In the following months the preparations for the third and final level of Cross Culture’s Youth Leader Education will happen, in order for the coaches to finish the full education to become community organizers, helping them with the necessary tools and competencies to manage and organize grassroots sports activities as an open, sustainable and democratic structure, identify and target social issues benefitting their local communities.