School + Sport + Police (SSP)

  • We engage parents, schools, sport clubs, police, and local government in a united effort to promote social inclusion and build a cross-sectorial structure for juvenile crime prevention.
  • We educate our volunteer coaches in child protection and facilitate different kinds of juvenile crime prevention activities within our cross sectorial networks, aiming for preventing children and youth from becoming victims or offenders of crime.
  • We create a physical, psychological, and social environment where children feel confident, stimulated and secure.

What is SSP?

The School + Sport + Police (SSP) initiative is an add-on to the Open Fun Football School programme (OFFS). It builds on the basic perception that efficient crime prevention measures are not a matter for the police alone. The earlier risk behavior is spotted and addressed, the better the chances are to prevent the situation from taking a wrong turn. In order to do this, we believe that a cross-sectorial network is needed. Such a network include cooperation between  schools, police, social services, and sports clubs. SSP is about building a governance structure in local communities that allows the relevant stakeholders to meet and share perspectives and to agree on joint actions, coordinated cross sector efforts and solutions. It requires coordinated and joint efforts by key personnel from the public sectors and the civil society, i.e. from the stakeholders who are in daily contact with children, youth, and their families.

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For further information about our SSP-programs, please go to the Toolbox to find our Child Protection Work Book from 2018 which we use to educate our volunteers in the subject.