The Open Fun Football Schools programme is Cross Cultures’ core activity, from which our slogan 
bringing people together origins.

The Open Fun Football Schools is an all-inclusive activity, meaning that everyone can participate regardless of talent, gender, ethnic or social background, religious or political affiliations. The strength of the Open Fun Football School programme is its ability to generate relations between people and institutions.

The programme is inspired by the Danish sports model that among other things is characterized by volunteerism, parent cooperation, association culture and the basic principle of “sport-for-all”.

We use football as our hub, the program is NOT about scouting or developing talented football players. The programme is on the other hand about using our special specific child-centred and community-based Open Fun Football Schools approach as a tool to stimulate social change.

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Fundamental principles of the Open Fun Football Schools

  • Volunteer leaders and educators
  • 12 trained coaches, aged 18-25 years
  • 12 trained coach assistants, aged 14-18 years 
  • Minimum 200 children, aged 6-12 years
  • Minimum 40% females
  • Minimum 50 participants from so-called vulnerable groups 
  • Minimum 40 parents at parent meetings 

OFFS has proved to be an efficient instrument to gain access to local communities and to mobilizing volunteers and community stakeholders for peace and reconciliation initiatives. 

Open Fun Football Schools


For further information about our Open Fun Football Schools, please go to Statistics or get insight in how we work educate our volunteer coaches through manuals and handbooks in the Toolbox.