• We educate the youth in our partner countries to become volunteer coaches and association leaders 
  • We gather  sport clubs  and  associations  in  networks,  and  create  contact  between  civil  society and authorities 
  • We improve the rights and participation of the youth in society, including both genders 
  • We improve active citizenship and grassroots democracy to promote reconciliation and tolerance and peaceful coexistence 

The next generations

Youth is a valuable resource for all communities and a potential powerful source of change whose energy and skills need to be harnessed. Being the next generation, which is expected to take over in rebuilding and developing post-conflict societies, they should be given the best opportunities to learn, build networks, and express their views and ideas for the future.

In order to become such an active resource for their communities and countries, young women and men need to learn how to be creative and visionary, and they need to gain their own experiences of civic engagement and democratic participation. Furthermore, young people’s resilience is strengthened when they gain hands-on experience of how to communicate and operationalize their ideas and visions for society, and when they are given the opportunity to be positive role models as volunteers, coaches, and assistant coaches for other young people and for children.

How we work with the youth

Youth Leadership Education

We mobilize and recruit young people aged 18-25 for the Cross Cultures Youth Leadership Education. The education is organized as an action-learning process. The students are trained as volunteer educators by attending an education consisting of a series of seminars on:  Cross Cultures Future Leadership Education is completed with participants preparing a logbook and a strategy/sustainability plan.

a) Sports didactic and fun football
b) Club formation and strategic development; vocational training
c) Social entrepreneurship; project management, network building, and fundraising.

Open Fun Football Schools

The young volunteer educators will in cooperation with the young volunteers each organise an Open Fun Football School (OFFS) of five days’ duration.

Volunteer Education

The young volunteer educators mobilize and train volunteers aged 18-24 and volunteers aged 14-18 from their own country at inter-community Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) seminars in Cross Cultures unique approach to child-centred and community-based children’s football.

Social Agents

The volunteer educators and the young volunteers continue as young Street Masters (change agents). They will be provided with basic equipment and tools and encouraged to work together in smaller self-organized activity groups in order to organize grassroots recreational, educational, and vocational activities with the purpose of improving social integration and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable children, youth, and women. Examples of such activities are grassroots sport and play, theatre, language classes, CV-writing, after-school activities, and vocational training as e.g. hairdressers, tailors and grocers. These bottom-up self-organized activity groups will later be transformed into formalized clubs and associations with strategic goals for community engagement and change under the umbrella of a regional youth network.

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